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Hair Loss Treatment in Birmingham UK

Hair Loss Treatment in Birmingham UK ❤️ Scalp Micro needling will stimulate the growth factors and create the perfect grounds for healthy hair growth naturally.

LED therapy included.We are a cut above the competition when it comes to offering treatments for hair loss since we are the UK’s top specialists on hair loss. At our Birmingham hair loss clinic, we provide the finest high-quality non-surgical hair loss remedies in addition to the best high-quality hair integration systems. We have a great deal of professional knowledge and are specialists in all facets of hair loss. You can expect a kind welcome when you come to see us. Please get in contact with us and let us help you if you’re looking for a solution to your hair loss issues in a welcoming, compassionate, and private setting.

Hair Loss Treatment in Birmingham UK

Hair Loss Treatment in Birmingham UK

Hair loss consultations

A consultant dermatologist with expertise in hair loss is available for consultation. This is done in order to make a diagnosis initially. The dermatologist will obtain a medical history, look at your scalp, and use their extensive expertise and experience in skin and hair diseases to make a diagnosis. A trichoscope, blood tests, and scalp biopsies are examples of further testing that could be performed.

Hair loss can be an issue that affects many people in Birmingham, UK. But there is hope hair loss treatment options are now available with the help of non-surgical hair replacement solutions such as scalp micro needling offered at Aesthetic Clinic Birmingham. This innovative hair loss treatment helps stimulate hair growth factors and encourages healthy hair growth naturally.


Scalp microneedling can help reduce hair thinning and hair loss by stimulating collagen production in the scalp, which makes it easier for follicles to receive vital nutrients needed for healthy hair growth. The process also increases blood flow to the area, further encouraging therapeutic effects on both existing hair follicles and dormant hairs still trying to grow. It works best when used alongside other treatments such as hair transplants, PRP hair treatments, and laser hair therapies.


At Aesthetic Clinic Birmingham, our hair loss treatment specialists are experienced in helping patients achieve the best results from scalp microneedling. We use specialized equipment to deliver accurate amounts of microneedling with minimal discomfort and maximum effectiveness. Our team will assess your hair condition and develop a tailored plan for you that is designed to provide the most beneficial hair loss treatment solution for you.


Don’t let hair loss be a barrier to achieving your aesthetic goals. Book an appointment at Aesthetic Clinic Birmingham today and start on your journey towards healthier, thicker hair! ‍ 💇🏻‍♀️