cosmetic clinic birmingham

Here at Schon Aesthetic, we believe your age is your business – but maintaining your youthful appearance is our business. We are a result focused clinic and our priority is our patients and their satisfaction. This is what has lead to our growth and popularity of our clinic. We are based near Birmingham city centre for ease of access. We only use the highest quality products which have gone through the appropriate regulatory and approval testing for use in the UK and CE marked. Our consultation and treatment process is simple but thorough to ensure the best experience in clinic.

Experienced Practitioners

We strive to deliver highly effective bespoke hair loss, skin and cosmetic treatments to our clients, restoring and enhancing natural looks, improving all skin conditions, appearance and increasing your confidence. We don’t just treat the visual problem we also advise on the root cause, which supplements will help, gut health and dietary advise to maximise your results long term.

Comprehensive Treatments

We pride ourselves on our skin, hair, facial augmentation and semi permanent makeup treatments. If you have concerns about your appearance and are seeking a reliable skilled and experienced aesthetic clinic contact us today, the treatments we provide are very comprehensive, and we can advise which is best for you and your aesthetic goals.

Trusted Aftercare

Bespoke aftercare at Schon Aesthetic is designed to increase healing and enhance your results. This means we can monitor and track your post-treatment progress and provide advice and free aftercare products best for your recovery, to be used at home.

We believe that your aftercare and follow up treatments are just as important as the treatment itself, so rest assured that we will always be there should you have any questions following your treatment.

We provide a relaxed, friendly and safe environment with free parking and disabled access for our clients.

For any enquiries, please get in touch with our team today.

cosmetic clinic birmingham

Cosmetic aesthetic (cosmetic clinic birmingham)technology is rapidly expanding. It’s our imperative to adapt just as rapidly. By keeping our fingers on the pulse of new developments, at our surgery in Birmingham we bring you only the safest and most innovative practices and treatments. The advantages of selecting aesthetic beauty treatments at our face aesthetics clinic range from the major to the minor. Save yourself the major recovery time that surgical enhancements require. Reverse the effects of time and stress. Replenish lost volume and lost confidence. Enhance your appearance in less than a lunch breakcosmetic clinic birmingham