1-Day Intensive Course – £500

Course Overview

Our 1-day intensive course is designed to provide you with comprehensive training in advanced injection techniques and body contouring. This course is perfect for those looking to enhance their skills and knowledge in aesthetic treatments, and to confidently launch their own business.

Course Content

  • Injection Techniques

    • Master various injection techniques for effective and safe treatment.
  • Anatomy & Physiology

    • In-depth study of the skin, lymphatic system, and body fat types to ensure precise and effective treatments.
  • Lemon Bottle

    • Detailed understanding of Lemon Bottle ingredients, functions, dosage, and effects for optimal results.
  • Contraindications & Record Keeping

    • Learn to identify contraindications and maintain accurate and compliant records.
  • Forms and Templates

    • Access to essential forms including consent forms, aftercare forms, and cancellation policy templates.
  • Sharps Handling & Safe Disposal

    • Proper techniques for handling and disposing of sharps to maintain a safe working environment.
  • Sharps Injury Prevention & Management

    • Strategies to prevent and manage sharps injuries effectively.

Practical Training

Hands-on practice with live models in the following areas:

  • Jaw & Double Chin
  • Arm Fat
  • Upper & Lower Back Fat
  • Bra Fat
  • Armpit Fat
  • Abdomen
  • Side Flanks (Obliques)
  • Inner Thighs
  • Bum

Additional Resources

  • Video Creation

    • Learn to create professional videos of your injection procedures for marketing and educational purposes.
  • Social Media Tips

    • Valuable tips and contacts to enhance your social media presence and attract more clients.
  • Business Setup Guidance

    • Comprehensive guidance on booking systems, payment systems, consultations, and aftercare procedures.
  • Insurance Contacts

    • Access to contacts for obtaining appropriate insurance coverage for your business.

Subscription Service

To support your ongoing professional development, we offer a subscription service at £20 per month. This service provides:

  • Ongoing support to build your confidence.
  • Updates and new information relevant to your practice.
  • Discounts on future courses.

Our 1-day intensive course is packed with valuable content and practical experience to help you confidently start and grow your business in aesthetic treatments.

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For more information and to enroll in our 1-day intensive course, please contact us at. We look forward to helping you achieve your professional goals!



The care, protection and safety of our students, trainers and models guide the design of Schon aesthetic ltd courses. Schon aesthetic Ltd methods of learning are central to the preparation of any cosmetic practitioner and the existing clinical knowledge and skills of student practitioners

Our one & or two day courses involve online, pre-study material, practical and assessment. This is necessary in order to affirm a practitioner’s competence, indemnity insurance, clinical limitation, proficiency and safety to practise any specific aesthetic modality.

At Schon aesthetic Ltd our courses are designed to meet the standards and guidelines of the JCCP 2022, HEE and the awarding certifying body CPD

The list below is to help you fully understand what is being offered when participating in our courses

  • This is a CPD accredited qualification of further learning supported by a professional body 
  •  Your course will clearly state learning aims, outcomes and objectives 
  •  You must meet the selection, admission and progression criteria by e.g., qualifications, experience, compliance and meet the expectations and attend your chosen course
  •  The length of your course can be one or two days long with a week of pre-study
  •  Training in conformity with the knowledge and competency standards for each treatment modality as set out in the JCCP/CPSA Competency Framework, 2018 
  •  Training in compliance with the JCCP published Levels that accord with the HEE Education and Training Standards for Non-Surgical Cosmetic Treatments 
  • Transparency on the cost of the complete course from initial security deposit to the point of the first course day; including assessment costs, certification costs and any other direct and indirect costs for e.g, course materials, payment of models, variable costs directly related to the student. The refund policy regarding course purchases and deposits are published on the website: www.schonaesthetic.com should for example, a student withdraw from the course. Timing of any payments, and acceptable methods of payment can be cited on the website.
  •  The location of the course will clearly be stated on all marketing materials and directly to the student
  •  Confirmation of the qualifications and experience of teachers and assessors will be stated to all students 
  •  Approach to assessment process will be communicated to all students
  •  Complaints procedures will be accessible on the website at www.schonaesthetic.com


At Schon aesthetic Ltd our CPD Accreditation courses are designed to equip students to practise safely, competently and effectively within the currently unregulated aesthetic sector and courses are provided as part of continuous professional development (CPD) which are designed to update and refresh practitioner skills following the completion of their existing initial qualification. 

Our CPD courses are designed to enhance, refresh and update knowledge, skills and to strengthen competency throughout your working practice life and are unsuitable for those with no prior experience and initial training in the field of aesthetics. 

83-85 Cobalt sqaure, Hagley Road, Birmingham, B16 8QG

The requirements for entry to enrol on our courses are:

  • Level 3 beauty therapy VTCT or equivalent
  • Semi permanent makeup artists

Upon securing a training placement, student will receive pre- study material to study at home via email and is required to bring a printed copy with them on the practical training day(s) 

An initial non refundable placement holding deposit fee is required to hold your space on the course. The remaining balance is payable in full on the first day of your course before it commences. Payment options are credit card or direct bank transfer

We offer extra days of training at no extra cost should you require further support and practice. We offer a supported group chat service where all our students can communicate easily with us and each other, should you have any further questions or require further support or advice. If students prefer not to utilise the group chat service option, they can communicate directly with their trainer

FAQ: Lemon Bottle Fat Dissolving Course

Looking to enhance your skills in advanced fat dissolving treatments? Join our 1-day intensive Lemon Bottle Fat Dissolving Course in Birmingham. Gain comprehensive training in injection techniques, anatomy & physiology, and the use of Lemon Bottle solution. Learn practical skills with live models and receive essential resources to launch your aesthetic business. We also offer an online version for those who prefer remote learning. Benefit from ongoing support and future course discounts with our subscription service. Enroll now to become a certified expert in fat dissolving treatments!

1. What is the Lemon Bottle Fat Dissolving Course?

The Lemon Bottle Fat Dissolving Course is a comprehensive training program designed to teach advanced injection techniques for fat dissolving treatments using the Lemon Bottle solution. The course covers anatomy and physiology, ingredient knowledge, contraindications, and practical hands-on training with live models.

2. Where is the Lemon Bottle Fat Dissolving Course held?

The Lemon Bottle Fat Dissolving Course is held in Birmingham, offering an in-person learning experience with expert trainers. The location provides a comfortable and professional environment for both theoretical and practical training.

3. Is there a Lemon Bottle Fat Dissolving Course near me?

Currently, our primary training location is in Birmingham. However, we are expanding and may offer courses in other locations in the future. Please check our website or contact us for updates on new training locations.

4. Can I take the Lemon Bottle Fat Dissolving Course online?

Yes, we offer an online version of the Lemon Bottle Fat Dissolving Course. The online course includes comprehensive video tutorials, downloadable resources, and live virtual sessions with our expert trainers. This option is perfect for those who cannot attend in person but still want to gain the same level of expertise.

5. What topics are covered in the Lemon Bottle Fat Dissolving Course?

The course includes:

  • Injection techniques
  • Anatomy & physiology (skin, lymphatic system, and body fat types)
  • Lemon Bottle ingredients, functions, dosage, and effects
  • Contraindications and record keeping
  • Sharps handling and safe disposal
  • Sharps injury prevention and management
  • Practical training on live models in various areas

6. How much does the course cost?

The 1-day intensive Lemon Bottle Fat Dissolving Course costs £500. This fee includes all training materials, access to live models for practical experience, and a comprehensive resource package.

7. What additional resources are provided with the course?

Participants receive:

  • Video creation guidance
  • Social media business tips and contacts
  • Booking system, payment systems, consultation, and aftercare guidance
  • Insurance contacts
  • Essential forms and templates (consent forms, aftercare forms, cancellation policy templates)

8. Do you offer any ongoing support after the course?

Yes, we offer a subscription service for £20 per month. This service provides ongoing support, updates on new information, and discounts on future courses. It’s designed to help build your confidence and keep you informed of the latest developments in the field.

9. How can I enroll in the Lemon Bottle Fat Dissolving Course?

You can enroll in the course by visiting our website and filling out the registration form. Alternatively, you can contact us directly at 07851861299 for assistance with enrollment.

10. What are the benefits of taking this course?

By completing the Lemon Bottle Fat Dissolving Course, you will:

  • Gain comprehensive knowledge of fat dissolving techniques.
  • Receive hands-on training with live models.
  • Enhance your professional skills and confidence.
  • Obtain valuable resources and contacts to help launch and grow your business.
  • Benefit from ongoing support and updates through our subscription service.

For more information or to enroll, please visit our website or contact us directly. We look forward to helping you achieve your professional goals!

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