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skin treatment Birmingham

Skin Treatment Birmingham

Your skin is a vital organ that is continuously fighting to protect you, preventing injury to your body and disease. Therefore, it is essential that we take adequate care of our skin, thereby preventing any potential future issues.
Schon Aesthetic Clinic  Facility is a private skin care clinic situated in the United Kingdom that offers a variety of aesthetic and medical skin treatments. From skin tag removal to mole screening and skin surgery, our private dermatology clinic is equipped with the latest current equipment to offer you with the finest standard of treatment.

If you are seeking for the most effective skin treatment techniques available, will exceed your expectations with his level of experience and attention to detail. The whole staff at our Birmingham skin clinic is highly qualified to provide you with the most effective skin treatment for whatever skin flaw you may be experiencing; whether for aesthetic or medical reasons, our skin treatments will restore your confidence and put your mind at ease.

Our skin treatment services assist in identifying any health issues you may be experiencing and provide your skin with the necessary care to prevent future complications. Our Birmingham skin care facility offers a variety of skin treatments that allow us to screen and treat any abnormal skin defects, eliminating any potentially dangerous moles or spots to give you peace of mind.

Learn more about the cosmetic and medical skin treatments offered by our Birmingham skin expert, or get in touch to schedule a consultation.

Our Birmingham facility specialises in anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers for enhancing the cheeks, jaw, and lips, CoolSculpting®, and Ultherapy® skin tightening. Our unmatched reputation and 95% patient satisfaction rate will guarantee that you receive the highest quality of care and exceptional outcomes.

In the heart of Birmingham’s leafy Located at the heart neighbourhood, the clinic offers a secure, clinical setting where our highly trained staff will greet you. It is conveniently located a few miles from the city centre of Birmingham, with its active Bullring shopping centre, entertainment venues, and restaurants.

skin treatment Birmingham

Our Birmingham clinic offers a range of Treatments

Patients may come to our facility in Birmingham for the most cutting-edge alternatives to surgery. The therapies are administered in a way that optimises each individual’s innate attractiveness. We take a patient-centered approach to healthcare, which means that our experts will work with you to create a treatment plan that is tailored to your specific needs and desired outcomes. Choose from a variety of options like non-surgical facelift fillers, fat freezing, and rejuvenating chemical peels, as well as injectable anti-wrinkle treatments, light laser technologies, and ultrasonic skin-lifting treatments.

Birmingham is home to a variety of popular cosmetic clinics(skin treatment Birmingham). Our dermal fillers in Birmingham can help restore your skin’s volume and elasticity. Our CoolSculpting service has won several awards, and as a result, we are proud to provide the most effective fat-freezing options in Birmingham. In the United Kingdom, our clinic is considered the best provider of CoolSculpting services. Use the most effective Ultherapy treatment in Birmingham to tighten and lift your skin. In the United Kingdom, we have been chosen the best ultherapy clinic for the last eight years running.
Our anti-aging treatments in Birmingham will help you seem years younger by diminishing the look of fine lines and wrinkles.
Learn about all of the options for care by visiting our treatment page.

Eliminate Sunken Tired Eyes for a Brighter, More Awake Appearance

If you are looking for a non surgical solution that can refresh your sunken tired eyes and give you a refreshed, healthier and youthful appearance; then tear trough filler is the answer:

  • Do you feel your eyes look hollow or sunken?
  • Are Dark circles under your eyes making you look old, tired or unhealthy?
  • Do your eyes appear to have dark circles?
  • Would you like to reduce the appearance of eye bags?
  • Are you seeking to create a fuller, more youthful appearance in the under-eye area
  • Do you want to reduce the “tired look” associated with under eye ageing.

Dermal Filler under eyes can help with the dark shadows under your eyes, sunken tear troughs and hollowed eyes.

Book a consultation today 0121 769 1433 to see how we will get the results you want.

Acne Treatment with a Laser for Active Acne
Acne is caused by the blockage and inflammation/infection of the skin’s oil-secreting glands, which is a natural process. When pores get clogged, bacteria and other organisms start to colonise them. In our clinic, we employ a laser to assist unclog these pores, which in turn destroys the microorganisms that were blocking them. In addition, the laser can prevent the release of histamines, which contribute to the red, inflamed appearance of acne patches.
Acne that is currently active on the skin is easily treated. Acne-affected skin as a whole is targeted by the laser’s intense beam of light. The laser will be pushed across the affected area like a brush stroke, and you may feel a slight warming sensation as a result.

With the germs killed by the laser light, the acne scar will fade and disappear. Four or more treatments, each spaced one week apart, may be necessary, depending on the severity of the acne outbreak.

Anti-Aging Skin Care With A Laser
The skin’s youthful appearance is restored, and the discomfort associated with ageing, UV damage, and uneven pigmentation is eliminated thanks to this therapy. The skin’s tone, texture, and firmness can all be enhanced by a laser treatment. Collagen re-modelling is accomplished with the help of the Fotonos Nd Yag treatment, which is completely non-invasive and employs heat effects.
This is a no-downtime, non-invasive method of decreasing pore size and bettering skin texture right away. Lessening of wrinkles is another benefit. However, fine lines and wrinkles are more likely to show improvement.
The number of treatments and how often they occur should be discussed with the patient before the first appointment. About three to five sessions are required to show significant improvement.
Locals and visitors to Birmingham can come to our facility for laser skin rejuvenation services. Laser rejuvenation is an effective method of restoring a young appearance and healthy shine to the skin.

Intense Pulsed Light for Rosacea
Flushing, redness, patches, and prominent blood vessels are common symptoms of this skin disorder. Men tend to have more severe symptoms of this disorder, which can lead to high levels of self-consciousness.

Using a Fotona Nd Yag laser, we can destroy the microscopic blood cells right under the skin, which causes the veins to collapse.

Even though the majority of patients notice improvement after just one treatment, some conditions may require two or more sessions.

Our laser rosacea treatment in Birmingham is an excellent process that will quickly restore patients’ self-assurance.

Verticillae, or Thread Veins

For eliminating facial and leg thread veins, the Fotona Nd Yag is the best option. Veins grow enlarged and ugly due to dilation. It is the vein’s blood that the laser focuses on, sparing any other tissues.

The average time between sessions is 6 weeks. Typically, more than one session of treatment is necessary to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Curing Fungal Nails

In this treatment, a laser is used to burn the nail bed, weakening the fungi and ultimately killing the diseased nail.
In order to avoid spreading infection, all of the nails should be treated at once. There will be new nail growth once the fungal toe infection has been cleared up. If the infection is severe, you may need four or more treatments, each spaced a week apart.