Tear trough

Tear trough




Eliminate Sunken Tired Eyes for a Brighter, More Awake Appearance

If you are looking for a non surgical solution that can refresh your sunken tired eyes and give you a refreshed, healthier and youthful appearance; then tear trough filler is the answer:

  • Do you feel your eyes look hollow or sunken?
  • Are Dark circles under your eyes making you look old, tired or unhealthy?
  • Do your eyes appear to have dark circles?
  • Would you like to reduce the appearance of eye bags?
  • Are you seeking to create a fuller, more youthful appearance in the under-eye area
  • Do you want to reduce the “tired look” associated with under eye ageing.

Dermal Filler under eyes can help with the dark shadows under your eyes, sunken tear troughs and hollowed eyes.

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About Tear Trough Filler

Tear Trough dermal filler is injected into the ‘trough’ underneath your eye to decrease the hollowness of the area. This area is usually where you get a crease or ‘dip’ under the eye appear dark and tired. It can often lead to shadows or dark circles under the eye, making you appear that you haven’t slept well, and comments from friends and family say that you look tired. The tear trough can look particularly prominent in photos particularly when the flash is used as it highlights your under-eye area.

The hollowing under your eyes can be age-related and can be caused by several factors including the environment, weather, and dietary intake and can even be hereditary. Unfortunately, there isn’t anything to reverse the effects of this. However, this is where Tear Trough Filler can help. It is often one of the earlier changes of ageing.

For some, this groove under the eye has been there since childhood, and can often be seen in your parents. This is genetically inherited.

At Schon Aesthetic Birmingham we use the Cannula technique. This is where Dermal Filler is injected into the Tear Trough via a microcannula – an thin tube. An insertion point is made around the cheekbone area so that the microcannula can be fed through. This means that dermal filler can be injected more precisely and carefully into the delicate area under the eye. The cannula technique allows for less chance of bruising and is generally pain-free. More importantly, the cannula technique is much safer, especially around this highly sensitive area.

Once the filler has been injected via the Cannula, the results are seen instantly. Once the filler is in place under the eye, this area tends to absorb more fluid from the body after the treatment. This means that the tear trough remains hydrated, therefore resulting in looking refreshed and plump under the eye. This can also help to improve dark circles under the eyes. 

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The Different Causes Of Visible Tear Troughs:

Under eye hollowing can be evident for a number of reasons not limited to ageing.

  1. Genetic

Darkness under the eyes can be evident at any age due to the skin being particularly thin and the area housing a large number of blood vessels. These can dilate due to allergies, or be more evident due to skin pigmentation, also poor circulation can cause blood vessels to be especially evident under the eyes.

  • Volume Loss
  1. Fat pads under our eyes make the blood vessels underneath less evident and therefore give a brighter appearance. Weight loss can cause these fat pads to lose volume and make the area take a blueish colour reflecting the veins underneath.
  1. Ageing

3a. Fat pad degeneration

As we age, the fat pads in our faces become thinner, giving our face a more gaunt appearance. The fullness typically associated with youth isn’t just due to the top layer of the skin, the thickness of the fat pads contributes towards how hollow and saggy the skin appears as it has less structural support.
We use dermal filler to re-create the natural shape of your fat pads and restore fullness to your mid-face.


3b. Bone structure degeneration

As we age, our bones also undergo structural changes. We see an overall decrease in volume, with one prominent change being in the eye sockets, which become both longer and wider in men and women. This lack of support from the bones in the eye socket area can contribute to a more hollow appearance. Moisturising and cleansing unfortunately cannot rectify the foundational support that was previously offered by our bones.
A dark under-eye area and eye bags can also simply be caused by genetics, as the shape, depth and strength of eye sockets and cheekbones vary from person to person.
Tear trough filler can restore the structure of a weaker mid-face and give a more youthful appearance which is why we also inject the cheek area to create support for the tear trough.

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Tear Trough Dermal Filler FAQ

How do I know if I need Tear Trough Filler?

At Schon aesthetic our patients commonly complain of having sunken eyes, hollowing under eyes, bags under the eyes and grooves under the eyes. Our patients usually describe themselves as having puffy eyes, sagging under-eyes, dark circles under the eyes and wrinkles under the eyes. The area under the eye can make you appear to have dark under eyes, swollen eyes, or even hollow eyes.

A lot of our female clients have complained of their concealer creasing under the eye which leads to unflattering horizontal lines under the eyes.

Who should have tear trough fillers?

Someone might seek treatment for tear trough dermal filler if they are unhappy about their appearance, loss of fat around the eyes and increased darkness of skin. This can lead to a tired sunken eye look which can make you look worn out. Candidates will often hear from friends and family about how tired they are looking, even if they are feeling well-rested. And this can make one feel self conscious about their appearance and want to seek cosmetic improvement with us at Schon Aesthetic Birmingham. 

What Filler Do You Use?

At Schon Aesthetic Birmingham we only use established and FDA-approved brands of dermal filler such as: Teoxane, Restylane and Juvéderm. The cost varies depending on the amount of product needed and the outcome you are seeking to achieve the best result for your individual requirements.The treatment options are discussed with you before any treatment is carried out.

Tear trough treatment is performed using a micro-cannula technique for safety, less downtime and optimal results.

Some patients have deep tear troughs and may need more than 0.5ml on each side. Please note: We do not put more than 0.5ml on each side as it can lead to swollen eye bags. We, therefore, recommend returning 2 weeks later to further top up the tear trough area.

Are tear trough fillers safe?

Tear trough fillers are a cosmetic treatment, and therefore as with all cosmetic procedures it carries a risk of complication. This is a safe procedure when performed by an experienced and qualified practitioner at Schon Aesthetic Birmingham..

When you are seen at Schon Aesthetic Birmingham, a full consultation and medical is undertaken, along with professional before and after photos. All patients are booked for a follow-up appointment before they leave. Should there be a complication we are trained in managing and reversing the dermal filler by dissolving it using hyaluronidase.

How long do tear trough fillers last?

We advise that tear trough fillers last around 9-12 months on average. When results fade, as they will with time, treatment can be repeated.

How long does tear trough treatment take?

You can expect the procedure to last around 1 hour. At Schon Aesthetic Birmingham we complete a full medical on all patients to ensure you are fit and well to be treated, alongside taking before and after photos. We also use numbing creams that take around 30mins to take effect to help make the experience more comfortable for you.

Does tear trough enhancement hurt?

At Schon Aesthetic Birmingham we use a micro cannula to feed the filler to the area. The advantage of this is only 1 entry point that minimises the risk of bruising, pain or injury. Micro-cannulas are also a safer and more comfortable procedure. Micro- cannulas are different to needles in that they are soft plastic tubes with no sharp points. This means that it is painless to use in sensitive areas such as around the eyes. Topical numbing cream can also be used to help reduce discomfort and most under eye dermal filler contain numbing agents within the compound to further numb the area.

After care requirements for tear trough fillers

You should avoid touching or massaging the area for up to 2 days while the filler is still soft. This will prevent any movement of the filler and will keep the finished result looking perfect. Avoid alcohol, caffeine and smoking for 7 days and vigorous exercise for 3 days. Swimming, sauna and steam rooms should be avoided for 7 days as this will slow down the dermal filler settling in with your natural bodily fluid around the eyes.

What does the Tear Trough filler cost?

At Schon Aesthetic Birmingham, we perform tear trough filler with the advanced micro-cannula procedure. We use high quality reputable products to provide the best outcome for you and we charge £400 for cannula tear trough treatment and this includes your free 2 week follow appointment for any topping up that may be required. 

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