Cheeks Augmentation

Cheeks Augmentation

Cheeks Augmentation in Birmingham

High cheekbones have been regarded as a desirable facial feature for centuries. People who don’t have very prominent cheekbones may feel that their face lacks definition. People’s faces become less defined and more flattened as they age because the skin that normally covers the cheekbone begins to droop.
Dermal fillers or fat grafting can be used to compensate for part of this tissue loss. However, in certain cases, cheek implants are the sole option for getting the appearance that is sought. You may get these implants in a wide range of sizes and forms, allowing you to obtain a customised correction that works with your face’s natural proportions.
Surgical intervention was once necessary to alter one’s facial appearance, however this is no longer the case. In only a few short minutes, the dermal fillers procedure may give the face a lifted, sculpted, rounder, or younger appearance. Mainly, they help give the impression that your natural cheekbones are higher and more defined.

A cheek augmentation is a surgery that fills in flaws and proportionalizes the face. Whether a silicone implant or fat transfer is used, the procedure reduces the consequences of facial fat loss, resulting in a more profound appearance for the patient. It can define the cheekbones, provide more angularity in the face, and offer comparable outcomes to a facelift.

For cheek augmentation, or the injection of cheek fillers, an injectable therapy is administered above and around the cheekbones. The goal is to provide a natural-looking facelift and to restore lost volume in the cheeks associated with ageing.

In addition to tightening the skin around the cheeks and jowls, a procedure that adds volume to the lower portions of the face also pulls up the sagging skin around the cheeks and jowls.

Dermal fillers containing hyaluronate not only restore lost volume, but also moisturise the face. The hydration is a result of hyaluronic acid’s inherent capacity to hold water. It can bond with water up to one thousand times its own mass and increase cell structures. This is why it is excellent for boosting size.

Cheeks Augmentation in Birmingham

There are four ways that describe the benefits of this skin treatment…

Restore, elevate, sculpt, and support. Patients frequently desire defined cheekbones, while others prefer to enhance volume without undergoing cosmetic surgery.

The Various Kinds of Fillers That We Provide in Birmingham

The great majority of our treatment is carried out with fillers that are based on hyaluronic acid and are of the highest possible quality, such as Juvéderm and Restylane. We feel that these are world-class goods that will provide you the results that are the most beneficial and that will last the longest.

The Juvederm Voluma injectable gel is an excellent choice for cheek augmentation. Restylane Lyft works wonderfully when used in the area close to the tear trough. Different densities of dermal filler treatments are required for optimal results in each location.

What Advantages Does It Have?

Patients who have cheek implants enjoy a number of benefits, including the ability to produce more sculpted and defined features. The following are examples of benefits:

improved outward presentation of the face
There is no longer a requirement for fillers because the augmentation is deemed permanent.
It gives the impression that the cheeks are bigger and higher The facial characteristics are more proportional and balanced
Creates the impression of being younger
Enhances one’s sense of self-worth and confidence

The Outcomes That We Anticipate From You

Cheek augmentations have the potential to completely change the appearance of the face. Some of the benefits are as follows:

Increased and/or restored volume: as we get older, our bodies produce less collagen and elastin, which can cause our cheeks to appear to have lost some of their fullness. Re-volumizing the cheeks has an impact that is opposite to this, and it defies the effects of ageing.
A correction to the nasolabial crease: the nasolabial crease, also known as the “fold,” is the line that can be found on either side of our face and extends from the corners of our nose to the corners of our lips. This crease has the potential to become more obvious as time passes. This region can be made more firm and taut with the use of cheek fillers.
Improved sculpting and structure for younger skin: fillers aren’t always used to repair signs of ageing; some individuals want to have them done to expand their features or add definition that is more aesthetically pleasing.
A lifting effect around the eye region: cheek filler can assist to prevent the drooping or flat look in the area around the eyes by adding volume to the cheek area.
Wrinkle reduction due to the product’s ability to naturally fill and smooth the skin as it is applied.


Although the healing period will be different for each person, edoema often occurs during the first few days after the procedure. After the treatment is complete, bandages will likely be placed over the incisions. If the patient has had cheek implants inserted through an incision made within the mouth, the doctor may put them on a liquid diet and give them a particular mouth rinse after the procedure.


The skin on the face can become saggy when there is a loss of volume in the face, which can alter the facial features. Those individuals who have hollows in the cheeks or temples, as well as slack, deflated-looking cheeks that lack definition, may find that this surgery is beneficial to them. The following are characteristics that must be present in an ideal candidate for this procedure:

Are typically doing well in terms of their health.
Do not smoke
Maintain reasonable expectations for the outcomes that can be expected from this treatment.
The face and the skull have reached their adult stages.
Would prefer to have more defined facial features

The Procedure for Enhancing the Cheek

When performed by our highly qualified medical aestheticians, the technique of injecting fillers is remarkably uncomplicated and straight forward. You will only receive a topical anaesthetic treatment from us, and many of our products already have numbing agents integrated into the composition. As a result, you won’t experience anything in the way of pain or discomfort. It has been determined that a handful of injection will be strategically put wherever it is required.

The entirety of your meeting with us will often take less than thirty minutes to complete. There are three compelling reasons why you should think about getting injectable fillers placed in your cheeks. To begin, you will begin to see the effects after only one day has passed. Two additional benefits of this method are a reduced risk of discomfort throughout the operation and a speedier, less trying recuperation period. And thirdly, they can remain in your body for up to six months, which means you won’t need to visit your doctor for regular checkups as often.